Enzo Amore trashed Corey Graves during a promo interview

In a video promoting his edition of Straight To The Source, Enzo Amore got a tad personal with host Corey Graves.

In fact in the video segment after the interview, Amore referred to Graves as a terrible commentator as well as a terrible former wrestler. Amore also recalled how Graves’ son considers the former to be his favourite wrestler.

Enzo Amore and Corey Graves have been engaging in a battle of words over the past few months—something which began as a back-and-forth on Twitter.

While Graves expressed his displeasure at his son considering Amore as his favourite wrestler, Amore fired back with a response of his own, following which the duo have been going at one another in a war of words.

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The war between Enzo Amore and Corey Graves seemingly continued when the latter interviewed the reigning WWE Cruiserweight Champion for WWE Network show Straight To The Source.

While Graves questioned Amore about allegedly being kicked off the WWE tour bus during the European tour, Amore denied any such happenings and simply alluded that he was off the bus by his own choice.

Furthermore, following the interview, Amore called Graves a terrible commentator who was also a terrible wrestler. Amore continued that Graves is probably a good father, as the latter’s son considers Amore as his favourite wwe superstar.

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