Rumor: Stephanie McMahon making plans for an in-ring return ahead of Wrestlemania 34

Stephanie McMahon has been posting videos of her midnight workout sessions on her Instagram and the videos have been getting more regular, possibly hinting towards an in-ring return for the current Monday Night RAW Commissioner.

The last time Stephanie McMahon actively wrestled in a WWE ring was at SummerSlam 2014 when she wrestled and defeated Brie Bella to culminate a heated rivalry between the two. However, Stephanie has taken bumps more recently, such as going through a table at Wrestlemania 33 in a match between Seth Rollins and her husband Triple H.

Now, ordinarily Stephanie just posting workout videos wouldn’t be cause for speculation that she’s making a return to the ring, however, the time of year is incredibly suspicious with the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match, and Wrestlemania not too far away.

You’ll also notice, as evidenced by the most recent video on her page, that she has #Wrestlemania in the video, which is clearly a deliberate attempt to invoke ideas of her competing, or doing something at WrestleMania.

#MidnightWorkout w @defrancosgym and @tripleh Bodyweight complex finisher w/ commentary :))) #DateNight #NoExcuses #DoTheWork #WrestleMania

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#MidnightWorkout w @defrancosgym and @tripleh skater squats on airex pad – took me awhile to get my balance on this one! So hard not to put your back foot down! Got in on the red eye this AM and got in a full day, but wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t get my workout in! #NoExcuses #DoTheWork #WrestleMania

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The Wrestlemania tag has also only been added to these videos recently, meaning that maybe some sort of plan has been finalised. Maybe some sort of meeting with Rhonda Rousey went well, and maybe Stephanie McMahon will get her revenge for that Rhonda Rousey attack at wrestlemania 31.

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